Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phew! At the last minute I have finished the 23 Things! I'm feeling a bit worn out! This has been such an amazing learning experience...thanks for making this available to us. I look forward to taking all this new knowledge and applying it both at work and at home. I laughed, I cried, I shook my computer monitor..... I enjoyed going on this journey with friends at work. We had many good discussions on the topic of "things" and helped each other get over the rough spots on the trail. I am, (somewhat), less intimidated by cyberspace now....a bit more willing to go the distance to get over the wall when faced with my own ignorance. So glad you offered the data stick....very nice carrot! All-in-all a grand adventure! Count me in on the next journey.
My library uses email to keep everyone up-to-date on policy changes, upcoming events, scheduling changes, and daily tasks such as shelf-checks.Using web 2.0 tools such as IM would be quite a challenge at first, but a boon for libraries who have large student populations. I am not, nor do I think I will ever be, a text messenger or IM-er. Too old to see the letters on the darn phone for one thing. My son (20 yrs old) loves it and can text almost as fast as he can talk. It's a good way to communicate when you do not want the rest of the world to hear your side of the conversation. Webinars and podcasts seem to me to be great communication tools...good source of info and a way to have people spread over a large geographical area all come together in the same "place". This evens the playing field in a way. The article on productivity was very good.....email can definitely eat up a lot of time! I visited a Webinar...Minitex, eBooks and NetLibrary.
Thing seventeen was nearly the undoing of me. I don't know why it was so difficult...once I broke through it was quite simple (aside from Google Reader not wanting to accept my RSS feed). These are very handy tools for the researcher/student. I can see the ability to find sources and send them to co-workers would be a very effective way to share info. The rss feed never came through Google Reader but I was able to a desktop rss reader (NetNewsWire). I plan on visiting these sites again in the future...a handy resource for the student or just the curious.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Have added Blue Skunk to my Google Reader...looks like it will be fun to check in with from time to time! I plan on creating a blogspot to get in touch with artists who like to create the same general sort of things I do and that will exercise my skills no end!
I am now a member of NING and Good Reads among others. Really enjoy being a part of these sites and look forward to keeping up with them. Would be a great way to get reading groups together who cannot meet for book club but want to do it in cyberspace.

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Used Facebook...not a comfy place for a person who values her privacy! I can see the idea behind it...imagine it is a way to develop community for people who need to...do not feel comfortable there AT ALL. This is NOT in my future. Looked at Henn. Co. My Space page...lots of self promotion from authors, did not find it very inspiring. Sorry to be such a downer!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

wow! I wish I had come across the assignment calculator years ago...am going to introduce my children to it right away! Found the teacher guide to be a good guide to encouraging teachers and LMS interaction, a great place to start. I would be great to have a handout for both teachers and students to steer them to these tools.

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